Molly Pearson Smith

Various Artists - VMP Anthology: The Story of Ghostly International

Art direction with Michael Cina

Arthur Russell - Picture of Bunny Rabbit (Audika Records)

Art direction + design

Benoît Pioulard - Eidetic (Morr Music)

Art direction, design, video direction, photography

Polaroid photography by Benoît Pioulard

Whatever The Weather - Whatever The Weather (Ghostly International)

Art direction

Design by Justin Hunt Sloane, Photography by Collin Hughes, Video directed by Michael Reisinger

Fort Romeau - Beings of Light (Ghostly International)

Art direction with Fort Romeau

Cover Photo by Steven Arnold, Design by Collin Fletcher

Sophia Saze - Self Part I, Self Part II, and Self - Remixes (Kingdoms)


Patricia - Several Shades of the Same Color (Spectral Sound)

Illustration + design

dreamcastmoe - Sound Is Like Water (Spectral Sound)

Art direction

Design + layout by Julian Duron